How to make things “Koselig”?

There is an important concept one needs to understand and embrace when living in Norway: being “koselig”. Most English speakers translate it by “cosy” but that term doesn’t even begin to cover everything that “koselig” can express. This concept is difficult to translate to those who do not live here, but basically anything can (and should) be koselig: a house, a conversation, a dinner, a … Continue reading How to make things “Koselig”?

Nos amis les Norvégiens

Oui, au cas où vous ne le saviez pas, les Norvégiens sont nos amis (tout comme les insectes, pour ceux qui connaissent la chanson). D’ailleurs je vous pose la question, comment ne pas aimer ce peuple plein d’entrain et de motivation qui passe tous les week end de l’hiver sans exception à faire du ski de fond avec les enfants qui pleurent derrière (allez Sigurd … Continue reading Nos amis les Norvégiens

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How to Pretend to be Fluent in Norwegian

Becoming fluent in Norwegian is a long and bumpy path, full of “YEAAAHHHH I am so good at this” and “Oh my God I will never make it” moments. In the down moments, when you burst out laughing thinking THAT was a joke (sorry it wasn’t, say the eyes of your mystified colleagues), you will need some little things to keep you going. Small expressions … Continue reading How to Pretend to be Fluent in Norwegian

Seeing Norwegians through the eyes of a drunk Dane

I am so excited about moving to Norway and getting this job that I bring it up in parties, diners, among good friends and aquaintances. As Norway is geographically so close to Denmark, and because of the historical and cultural links they share, I figured Danes are the people who should be best informed about Norway and Norwegians. I am therefore very surprised by their … Continue reading Seeing Norwegians through the eyes of a drunk Dane