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Dating in Norway: the Strangest things only Norwegian men say

All of these are true, either experienced by me or some of my female friends. Okay okay, some I made up, not that many actually. Hey, no one said it was illegal to have a little imagination 🙂 You can try to guess which ones I made up though, a good test to know whether you know Norwegian society well, or whether you know me … Continue reading Dating in Norway: the Strangest things only Norwegian men say

illustration: Kristine Lauvrak

Weird things Norwegians do

Like my articles? Check out my new book One Year in Norway. Disclaimer: “Weird” does not mean “negative”, some of these strange things are very positive and should be exported to the rest of the world 🙂 You are telling a great story to your Norwegian friend/colleague. He or she will start making strange sounds: aspirations with the mouth as if they have the beginning … Continue reading Weird things Norwegians do

Annoying things (some) Norwegians do

1. You know how some media say the biggest problem of the 21st century will be the lack of clean water? Norwegians usually let the water run for many long minutes before they take a glass of water from the tap because it has to be cold. Very cold, like glacier water temperature. While the rest of the world is saving drinking water Norwegians just … Continue reading Annoying things (some) Norwegians do


Remembering Utøya’s First Anniversary

“I will tell your story if you die. I will tell your story, and keep you alive… I’ve always had the feeling we would die young” sings a soulful thin woman before me. At the first lyrics many people in the crowd, including myself, can feel tears in their eyes, remembering that on 22nd of July 2011, too many people died young. This song is … Continue reading Remembering Utøya’s First Anniversary


How to Integrate in Norway?

Trying to integrate in Norwegian society? Don’t bother dyeing your hair blond and buying a Marius sweatshirt to look like those guys on the picture. Rather follow these ground rules to make it in the land of the North: 1. Pay your tax,. Don’t complain about it or tell stories on how you screwed the tax over (those stories will make you a hero in … Continue reading How to Integrate in Norway?

What to expect from a drunk Norwegian?

Before anything, gender equality reaches out to drunkenness in Norway. So don’t expect Norwegian women to drink a little and leave all the fun to the men. The French saying “A bottle of alcohol is ugly in the hands of a woman” probably never existed here. Everyone gets wasted. So when I say “Norwegian” I mean women AND men. The first thing you can expect … Continue reading What to expect from a drunk Norwegian?

Why do Norwegians Love Hearing about Norwegians?

Some time ago I heard this little story: An Italian, a French and a Norwegian are asked to study the elephant. The theme is free but it needs to be about the elephant. So the Italian decides to study the eating habits of the elephant. The French choses to study the lovelife of the elephant, and the Norwegian decides to study what the elephant thinks … Continue reading Why do Norwegians Love Hearing about Norwegians?

De likestilte vikigene (Aftenposten)

I am starting a new category called “The Frog in the News” where you’ll be able to find all the links to articles about the blog in mainstream media. My blogpost “The Joys of Being a Woman in Noway” was translated in Norwegian and published in Aftenposten online (Meninger). The link to the Aftenposten article can be found here. **** DE LIKESTILTE VIKINGENE Oppdatert: 12.jan. … Continue reading De likestilte vikigene (Aftenposten)

Why do Norwegians lose it during the Winter Olympics?

It’s been the Winter Olympics for over a week now and Norway is on the edge. The edge of glory or the edge of a national crisis. As a foreigner not particularly into the Olympic Games I can feel a palpable change of mood in Norway since the beginning of these games. Every new day of competition can bring either tears of joy and pride … Continue reading Why do Norwegians lose it during the Winter Olympics?

My Kick-Ass Brownie Recipe (This involves chocolate and happy Norwegians)

This recipe is not fusion food between French pastry and Norwegian blødkake. This is just the most appreciated cake (ever) by all Norwegians I know who’ve tasted it. And believe me, I have tried again and again to impress them with profiteroles, lemon tarts, chestnut and coconut cupcakes, organic carrot cakes, and so on and so on. Waited 2 years for the “aaahhh” moment, when … Continue reading My Kick-Ass Brownie Recipe (This involves chocolate and happy Norwegians)