butternut sqash and sweet potato

Høstsuppe: Butternut squash, Sweet Potato & Ginger Soup

butternut sqash and sweet potato


As Autumn is coming, with its beautiful red-orange-yellow colours and its new seasonal vegetables, here is a recipe for all of those who want to start, already, to make things warm and koselig. Not only are pumpkins a seasonal vegetable coming back in your shops, the ginger will spice it all up and keep you safe from infections as the change of seasons is coming. Plus, this recipe could not be easier. You can add regular potatoes if you wish.

Ingredients for 4 persons:

1 butternut squash (minimum 1.5kg)

2 sweet potatoes (add more sweet potatoes if the butternut sqash is heavier)

2 small regular potoatoes (optional)

1 onion

2 spoons of oil

ginger. If fresh: Slice it. If in powder, around 2-3 t.s depending on taste. I also add a pinch of cinnamon

salt and pepper


Pour the oil in a pot, wait until it is very warm and put in the sliced onion.

Add right away the spices (ginger + cinamon) and some salt and stir the onion in the spices.

Peel and cut the butternut sqash and the sweet potatoes and add them in cubes to the pot. Stir for a while for the spices to get into the vegetables and pour water over the vegetables, 2-3 cm below the tip of the vegetable mix.

Cover and wait until it boils. Then once it boils take away the cover and wait until the vegetables are cooked (soft under a knife).

Blend the whole thing with a soup mixer and add salt and pepper to your taste. Enjoy!



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  1. Hei! Det ser/høres veldig godt ut, men vet du hva “butternut squash” heter på norsk? Jeg kan ikke finne det noe sted… 🙁

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