illustration: Kristine Lauvrak

Weird things Norwegians do

Disclaimer: “Weird” does not mean “negative”, some of these strange things are very positive and should be exported to the rest of the world 🙂 1. You are telling a great story to your Norwegian friend/colleague. He or she will start making strange sounds: aspirations with the mouth as if they have the beginning of asthma. No panick, this just illustrate how interested they are … Continue reading Weird things Norwegians do

Wonderful things (most) Norwegians do

After my previous blogpost Annoying things (some) Norwegians do, I was expecting many reactions of people saying that what I wrote is unbelievably wrong and how dare you say bad things about a country hosting you etc.. Forseeing such reactions, I had prepared a counter blogpost to reassure the crowd on my intentions: despite sometimes poking where it hurt, I am conscious of all the … Continue reading Wonderful things (most) Norwegians do

Annoying things (some) Norwegians do

1. You know how some media say the biggest problem of the 21st century will be the lack of clean water? Norwegians usually let the water run for many long minutes before they take a glass of water from the tap because it has to be cold. Very cold, like glacier water temperature. While the rest of the world is saving drinking water Norwegians just … Continue reading Annoying things (some) Norwegians do

An Introduction to Breathtaking Norwegian TV

Norwegian tv is one of a kind. Americans like to watch people fight for their life on a deserted island, the French like to watch famous people debate endlessly, and the Norwegians like watching something called “slow tv”. Very slow. I started looking into it when I heard there was a show going on all summer (I believe it is every summer) on the Hurtigruten. The … Continue reading An Introduction to Breathtaking Norwegian TV

The Definition of “Fun” for a Norwegian

You and I have fun while lying on a beach with friends, stuffing ourselves with chips in front of a movie or going to play curling. All of those things also enter the category “moro” (fun) for Norwegians, but there are so many other things which are fun for them and not at all for the rest of the world. This gap is striking when … Continue reading The Definition of “Fun” for a Norwegian

Why the French are so arrogant (and why Norwegians aren’t)

My home country, France, is internationally known for its great wine, food, kisses, seductors and philosophers. What a creative nation: as good in bed as in the kitchen. But there is a but, of course. Paris is not that romantic after all (it’s actually quite dirty and noisy), and French people are also internationally known for their rudeness and arrogance. We have been elected as … Continue reading Why the French are so arrogant (and why Norwegians aren’t)

How to Integrate in Norway?

Trying to integrate in Norwegian society? Don’t bother dyeing your hair blond and buying a Marius sweatshirt to look like those guys on the picture. Rather follow these ground rules to make it in the land of the North: 1. Pay your tax,. Don’t complain about it or tell stories on how you screwed the tax over (those stories will make you a hero in … Continue reading How to Integrate in Norway?

Where on Earth is Syden?

When one asks a Norwegians where they went on holidays, some reply they had a great time in “Syden”. “Oh Syden! Yeah right. Everyone knows where that is”. Mmmh well, Norwegians all seem to know, but it doesn’t really ring a bell for foreigners. My Indian friend knew the answer right away. When I told him I was writing a blogpost on Syden he said … Continue reading Where on Earth is Syden?

Every Rule You Should(‘nt) Break on Norway’s National Day

Norwegians will tell you there are no rules on the 17th may, their National day, and it is true to a certain extent. On this day celebrating the day they signed their Constitution and felt free and independent, kids are allowed to eat as much ice cream and pølse as they want. Teenage “russ” are allowed…well they are allowed to do anything, and that started … Continue reading Every Rule You Should(‘nt) Break on Norway’s National Day

How to Become A Famous Norwegian Blogger

Dreaming of becoming a famous blogger? Or just wanting to get famous? It is completely possible in Norway if you follow this couple of advice I will give you. You might have to make some sacrifices (marry a footballer, get a boobjob at 17, adopt a cute pig pet, inject yourself with dangerous tanning products) but how much exactly do you want this?? Way no.1: … Continue reading How to Become A Famous Norwegian Blogger