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How to be a Bad Mother in Norway

Now that I understand Norwegian I notice the unbelievable amount of articles coming out almost everyday on topics such as “How to design a happy child” or “Signs that you are a good mother“. Norwegian society seems completely obsessed with children, their well being, and what we, adults, do wrong. Was it like that in France when my mother was pregnant with me? Was it even like that in Norway 30 … Continue reading How to be a Bad Mother in Norway

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Why are Norwegians always in tidsklemma?

“What do you mean you can’t meet me as planned today? You don’t have time? But it’s Sunday and tomorrow is a bank holiday”. “Yeah I have bad time (dårlig tid), said my friend Guro. My other friend who heard the conversation said “Classic, she is in tidsklemma“. What does tidsklemma mean? She is in WHAT? Was my first reaction. For those of you new … Continue reading Why are Norwegians always in tidsklemma?

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How to differentiate the Norwegian Dialects?

When you start learning Norwegian everything looks nice and simple. 5 million inhabitants in this country you think, it can’t be that hard. You’ll learn the one language here and you will be fine. Okay, two languages actually, with nynorsk. Wait, three with the Sami language (actually there are many Sami languages but they use one in official matters such as NAV). Why are there … Continue reading How to differentiate the Norwegian Dialects?

The Real Reasons why Norway is the Best Place on Earth

This blogpost is inspired by an article published in The Huffington Post stating 25 reasons why Norway is the greatest place on Earth. Here are my own reasons Norway is that place. Before I tell you why I think Norway really is the best place on Earth, let’s get this straight: Norway is not the best country on Earth for everyone. Norway is the worst place … Continue reading The Real Reasons why Norway is the Best Place on Earth

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All I want for Christmas is…more voices in Tre nøtter til Askepott

“Oh my God, I am so excited that Christmas is coming!” says my flatmate. “Me too” I told her. “I love Christmas because I meet my family and we eat oysters and snails”. As I guessed from my flatmate’s disgusted face, that is not what Norwegians eat for Christmas. I started an investigation in Norwegian Christmas: What do you guys eat? What do Norwegians watch? … Continue reading All I want for Christmas is…more voices in Tre nøtter til Askepott

How to offend Norwegians during Christmas time

Norwegians, as you’ve understood through this blog, have many traditions and cultural norms they follow on regular days of the year. B during what they call “høytider”: Easter, 17th of May etc. there are even more traditions and rules. So this is not an article to give the keys to foreigners on how to offend Norwegians (although it might do that too I admit). It … Continue reading How to offend Norwegians during Christmas time

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Harrytur: the True Story of Rich Norwegians going Cheap

Our trip starts at 8.30 am on a Saturday. My first question is: why do we need to leave so early? It is Saturday for heaven’s sake, can’t we sleep in? “No no, we need to get there as early as possible to avoid queues” say my Norwegian friends taking me on my first harrytur. Queues? We are going to the Swedish border, where will … Continue reading Harrytur: the True Story of Rich Norwegians going Cheap

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Weird things Norwegians do

Disclaimer: “Weird” does not mean “negative”, some of these strange things are very positive and should be exported to the rest of the world 🙂 1. You are telling a great story to your Norwegian friend/colleague. He or she will start making strange sounds: aspirations with the mouth as if they have the beginning of asthma. No panick, this just illustrate how interested they are … Continue reading Weird things Norwegians do

Wonderful things (most) Norwegians do

After my previous blogpost Annoying things (some) Norwegians do, I was expecting many reactions of people saying that what I wrote is unbelievably wrong and how dare you say bad things about a country hosting you etc.. Forseeing such reactions, I had prepared a counter blogpost to reassure the crowd on my intentions: despite sometimes poking where it hurt, I am conscious of all the … Continue reading Wonderful things (most) Norwegians do

Annoying things (some) Norwegians do

1. You know how some media say the biggest problem of the 21st century will be the lack of clean water? Norwegians usually let the water run for many long minutes before they take a glass of water from the tap because it has to be cold. Very cold, like glacier water temperature. While the rest of the world is saving drinking water Norwegians just … Continue reading Annoying things (some) Norwegians do