Read the first 27 pages of my book “En frosk i fjorden-Kunsten å bli norsk” for free.

A Frog in the Fjord: One Year in Norway Book

After years of blogging, my first book has been published and is out in the Norwegian bookstores (2017). Now in 2020 the book is finally in pocket version thanks to the popularity of the hardback version! If you want to read the first 27 pages for free and in Norwegian, see here. Buy the pocket version here for only 179 NOK.

Here are 5 reasons to read my book!

  1. It is rated over 4/5 on Goodreads!

My book has been read (or at least bought) by over 4000 persons. See reviews and ratings here from readers on Goodreads and many other platforms here. Available on ebook, paperback and even on Storytel.

2. It has been covered in Norway’s biggest media platforms

Aftenposten published a chapter of my book on the 17th of May, see here.

I was also on Nitimen (Radio P1), God Morgen Norge (TV2), Lindmo (TV NRK1), where I had the amazing experience to meet one of the funniest comedians in Norway, Dagfinn Lyngbø, and the Head of the Norwegian Labour Party Jonas Gahr Støre.


2. You will laugh

It is always dangerous to say that your own work is funny, but at least it was meant to be funny. So hopefully you will like it too!

3. It is not a compilation of my blogposts. 

Many have asked me whether this is a compilation of my blogposts, and the answer is no. If you can read everything for free on my blog, why buy the book, right? The book is a journey through my first year in Norway in a novel-kind of book. A few of my blogposts are there, such as How to make things Koselig, but 85% of the book is new material.

5. Suited for everyone! If you are Norwegian, learn about your culture from a foreigner’s perspective. If you are a foreigner, recognise yourself and maybe practice your Norwegian!

Last but not least, you will get to read it before my grand mother who is obviously dying to read it (but it is still only available in Norwegian).


P.S: If you know a publisher willing to publish it in English or French let me know, my grand ma (and many non-Norwegian literates who’d love to read the book) would be so glad!

God lesning!


6 thoughts on “Read the first 27 pages of my book “En frosk i fjorden-Kunsten å bli norsk” for free.

  1. Congratulations! I can’t wait to read it in English. For publisher advice, try Astri My Astri Publishers at
    Also, check with the folks at the Norwegian American weekly newspaper for partner ideas. Editor is Lori Ann Reinhall at (206) 784-4617

  2. Gratulerer så mye! Jeg er sikker på at boken er morsom å lese, som bloggen din. Herlig å lese alle dine observasjoner, forstår at vi har mer kultur og ukultur enn vi kanskje er klar over. Lykke til med publisering på engelsk og fransk, kan dessverre ikke hjelpe, siden jeg ikke kjenner folk i bransjen.

    Hilsen Randi

  3. Hi!

    I read your book. I am a foreigner in Norway as well, and I could well relate to your story. By the way, I loved the way you told it and I had a really good laugh. I enjoyed your book very much. Thank you for writing it and sharing your experiences.

    I wonder one thing though, did you originally write in English and then had it translated or did you write it self in Norwegian?

    Thank you for your reply. Many greetings!


  4. chere madame

    je cherche à obtenir un extrait de votre livre
    en frosk i fjorden

    pourriez-vous m’envoyer un extrait sur mon adresse email

    merci encore

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