“How to find a job in Norway” Book Review

“How can I find a job in Norway as a foreigner, without a network, without speaking Norwegian and without knowing any companies here?” is the million dollar question  foreigners ask when dreaming of moving to Norway, or integrate here after having found a partner and wanting to settle down. Sometimes they are a bit luckier and have one of those elements: maybe a small network … Continue reading “How to find a job in Norway” Book Review

Weird things Norwegians do During Work Meetings

After the interest of readers for the blogpost Weird things Norwegians do, I thought it might be funny to find out what’s going on with Norwegians when they are having work meetings. 1. Skiing In which other country do you see people coming to work, and therefore to meetings, with their skis on their shoulder? It doesn’t stop there: they will be cheered on their way in by all their … Continue reading Weird things Norwegians do During Work Meetings

Annoying things (some) Norwegians do

1. You know how some media say the biggest problem of the 21st century will be the lack of clean water? Norwegians usually let the water run for many long minutes before they take a glass of water from the tap because it has to be cold. Very cold, like glacier water temperature. While the rest of the world is saving drinking water Norwegians just … Continue reading Annoying things (some) Norwegians do