2015. The Year that Traumatised France

One’s first first reaction in these circumstances is to make sure one’s family members and friends are fine. The 7 areas of Paris where the attacks occurred started turning around in my head: is any of my friends likely to have attended the rock concert at The Bataclan last night? Could any of my family members have been in the Cambodgian restaurant where people got shot … Continue reading 2015. The Year that Traumatised France


Remembering Utøya’s First Anniversary

“I will tell your story if you die. I will tell your story, and keep you alive… I’ve always had the feeling we would die young” sings a soulful thin woman before me. At the first lyrics many people in the crowd, including myself, can feel tears in their eyes, remembering that on 22nd of July 2011, too many people died young. This song is … Continue reading Remembering Utøya’s First Anniversary