Remembering Utøya’s First Anniversary

“I will tell your story if you die. I will tell your story, and keep you alive… I’ve always had the feeling we would die young” sings a soulful thin woman before me. At the first lyrics many people in the crowd, including myself, can feel tears in their eyes, remembering that on 22nd of July 2011, too many people died young. This song is … Continue reading Remembering Utøya’s First Anniversary

How to Become A Famous Norwegian Blogger

Dreaming of becoming a famous blogger? Or just wanting to get famous? It is completely possible in Norway if you follow this couple of advice I will give you. You might have to make some sacrifices (marry a footballer, get a boobjob at 17, adopt a cute pig pet, inject yourself with dangerous tanning products) but how much exactly do you want this?? Way no.1: … Continue reading How to Become A Famous Norwegian Blogger

What to expect from a drunk Norwegian?

Before anything, gender equality reaches out to drunkenness in Norway. So don’t expect Norwegian women to drink a little and leave all the fun to the men. The French saying “A bottle of alcohol is ugly in the hands of a woman” probably never existed here. Everyone gets wasted. So when I say “Norwegian” I mean women AND men. The first thing you can expect … Continue reading What to expect from a drunk Norwegian?

Why do Norwegians Love Hearing about Norwegians?

Some time ago I heard this little story: An Italian, a French and a Norwegian are asked to study the elephant. The theme is free but it needs to be about the elephant. So the Italian decides to study the eating habits of the elephant. The French choses to study the lovelife of the elephant, and the Norwegian decides to study what the elephant thinks … Continue reading Why do Norwegians Love Hearing about Norwegians?

The Joys of Being a Woman in Norway

“This year my colleague did something really bitchy to us: she got pregnant” says the guy sitting across the dinner table in my French New Year’s Eve 2014. I almost choked on my slice of camembert. I’ve been living in Norway for 4 years and never have I ever heard such negative comments associated with pregnancy. “She left for 3 months on maternity leave. I … Continue reading The Joys of Being a Woman in Norway

Recipe: Sarah Bernard Norwegian Style

Making Norwegian patisserie and konfekt as they call it here can take ages (just imagine how much time it takes to make blødkake, with all the layers and the cream, and the marsipanlokk). Anyway, this time I’ve tried matprat’s Sarah Bernard’s recipe and made a few modifications while also writing it in English. This recipe will make between 22 and 30 pieces depending on how … Continue reading Recipe: Sarah Bernard Norwegian Style

Nos amis les Norvégiens

Oui, au cas où vous ne le saviez pas, les Norvégiens sont nos amis (tout comme les insectes, pour ceux qui connaissent la chanson). D’ailleurs je vous pose la question, comment ne pas aimer ce peuple plein d’entrain et de motivation qui passe tous les week end de l’hiver sans exception à faire du ski de fond avec les enfants qui pleurent derrière (allez Sigurd … Continue reading Nos amis les Norvégiens

How to Survive Your Winter Depression

To know if you are having a little winter depression creeping in on you, try to answer these simple questions: Do you feel like the sun has abandonned you? Because it’s always dark when you go to work or to school, and still dark when you go home. Are you sleeping more than usual, feeling like you could stay in bed until Spring comes? Do … Continue reading How to Survive Your Winter Depression