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So many things are weird about Norwegian people: they go skiing in the middle of the city, take their holidays in cabins with neither water nor electricity, lit candles to make things koselig and have strange names like Odd and Bored. Lorelou, a French woman in her mid-20s from Provence region gets a job in Oslo, Norway. She is not too inspired by this Nordic country. Are Norwegian people as cold as their weather? She has one year to figure out whether she wants to live there for good and make Norway her home.



Recommended by Forbes as one of the most revealing books on Scandinavia, “A Frog in the Fjord – One Year in Norway” is the ultimate guide to understanding Norway, its people and its language as well as Scandinavian culture in general. Whether you are interested in Norway for travels, because of your family’s heritage, your love for a special Norwegian person, or because you work or study here, this book is a must-read.