The Frog in a Book


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What is the book about?

The book is about my life as a foreigner the first year I was in Norway. It compiles experiences most foreigners go through here, from Easter to 17th of May, summer holidays in Northern Norway and how I understood, often misunderstood the Norwegian culture, language and people. It is almost the same as the Norwegian book (see below) I published in 2017, but more suited to an international audience rather than only a Norwegian audience.

The book is available now on Amazon and will be available on other platforms in the near future. Click below to order your copy in paperback or e-book. Order it from your local Amazon site to save on shipping fees.


My first book “En frosk i fjorden – Kunsten å bli norsk” was published in Norwegian in 2017 with Norway’s biggest publisher Cappelen Damm. Book and ebook available here.

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