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The Frog in the Media

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Interviews and articles from this blog have been published in many national and regional Norwegian newspapers, but also in German, French and Dutch papers and magazines. Since October 2014 I write a monthly chronicle in the Norwegian daily newspaper VG. I have previously been hired to write  in Widerøe’s in-flight magazine, as well other tourist agencies such as Visit Norway . An eclectic crowd reads and refers to and talks about this blog, from Norwegian Embassies (surprisingly in Asia, see here) to finance newspapers, Norwegian comedians (Tusvik og Tønne podcast 163), radio programmes (NRK Salongen – Sanna Sarromaa…) and many high schools with intercultural programmes as well as language teachers. I also hold speeches in universities, companies and other venues such as the National Library of Norway on inter-cultural issues and integration in Norway; and am regularly invited by radios (NRK P2 – EKKO) or newspapers (Dagens Næringsliv, SAS etc.) to share my views on debate themes.

If you want to hire me to write content for your platform, do public speaking on a theme related to Norway please contact me at Lorelou Desjardins: froginthefjord(at)gmail(dot)com.


Visit Norway (NO), 10 things Norwegians do in Autumn, 18.08.2016.

Aftenposten (NO), Special feature for Women’s Day in Norway, 05.03.2016.

SisterMag (DE), How to Survive a Norwegian Winter, 23.02.2016.

SAS Radisson Blu (NO), Interview with a Frog in the Fjord, 12.11.2015.

Dagens Næringsliv (NO): Slik er sinne nordmenn, 16.10.2015.

de Volkskrant (NL): Hoe ver gaat de Scandinavische gendergelijkheid?, 10.10.2015.

Verdens Gang (NO): Ingen møter etter klokken 15, 15.05.2015.

Dagens Næringsliv (NO): Kaffe of konsensus, 19.04.2015.

Aftenposten (NO): Blogger om nordmenns sære sider, 07.04.2015.

Stavanger Aftenblad (NO): Bare i Norge kan utepils beskrives med ett ord, 16.10.2014.

Verdens Gang (NO): How to become a famous Norwegian blogger?, May 2014.

Le Nouvel Obs/Rue 89 (FR): La Norvège, sans doute le meilleur pays au monde pour les femmes, 26.01.2014

Aftenposten/Osloby (NO): Franske “Lou” avliver mytene om nordmenn, 23.01.2014.

The Norway Post (NO): From vikings to world champions, 23.01.2014 (FR): Le sexisme ordinaire vu en France par une expatriee, 08.01.2014


Aftenposten: De likestilte vikingene, 12th January 2014. Translation to Norwegian of the blogpost The Joys of Being a Woman in Norway.

My chronicles in VG since the end of 2014 :
– Nordmenns mange rariteter, on 26.10.2014.

– Alt jeg ønsker meg til Jul on 21.12.2014.

– Er norsk et kjærlighettspråk?, on 14.02.2015,

– Nordmenns møte-rariteter on 11.04.2015

– Hvorfor er nordmenn alltid i tidsklemma? on 09.05.2015.

Den delte byen, on 13.06.2015.

Vive la France, on 25.07.2015.

– Derfor blir jeg en dårlig mamma, on 15.08.2015.

Nordmenns merkelige forhold til kirka, on 27.09.2015.

Bli integrert i Norge? Delta i verdens største dugnad, on 17.10.2015.

Det traumatiske året, on 14.11.2015.

Det er opp til dere!, on 18.11.2015.

Nytt år i verdens beste land, on 01.01.2016.

Rom og hjerterom, on 07.02.2016.

Hva vil norske kvinner egentlig ha?, on 05.03.2016.

Finnes en typisk norsk humor? on 02.04.2016.

Et norske dobbeltmoral (om barn og Barnevernet) on 07.05.2016.






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