Lectures & Foredrag


Credit: Anne Julia Grandberg - Blunderbuss
Credit: Anna-Julia Granberg – Blunderbuss


Lorelou does lectures in English, Norwegian or French, on topics such as The Humor in Norwegian Language, French Politics, My Experience of Northern Norway, Dating in Norway and other topics relating to Norwegian Culture. Just tell me what you had in mind, it is probably possible.

She has experience giving lectures for different clients such as the airline Widerøe AS, the National Norwegian Library (Nasjonalbiblioteket), Cappelen Damm Undervisning, Eiendom Norge, Lillestrøm Cultural Center, Deichmanske Biblioteket (Oslo Public Library), Arbeiderspartiets Ungdom (AUF), Folkehøyskole in Agder, University of Oslo.

Every lecture is adapted to the public/company for whom the talk is given , with the right dose of humour, and I rarely hold the same lecture twice. To book her for a lecture contact her at froginthefjord@gmail.com.


Media work:

påske bilde
Source: Aftenposten article from Easter 2017.

Before, but especially after publishing her book in March 2017, Lorelou appeared on the biggest shows on television and radio in Norway, among which Lindmo, NRK P1 Nitimen, NRK P2 Verdibørsen, God Morgen Norge, NRK Gratulerer med dagen, Urix Spesial President Macron, NRK Ytring etc. She has also appeared in several foreign newspapers and magazines in Germany, France and the Netherlands and Norway of course (Aftenposten, Stavanger Aftenblad, SAS Radisson Blu, Nordlys etc.).

Lorelou has also been writing a chronicle in VG since October 2014, and has written articles published in Aftenposten, Dagbladet, Mat for Norge, Hyttemagasinet and others. To ask her to write for your newspaper or magazine, please contact me at froginthefjord@gmail.com or +47 474 60 270.




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