En español & portugués

© Alice Baguet Illustration by www.alicebaguet.com
© Alice Baguet
Illustration by http://www.alicebaguet.com

My blog is regularly translated by fellow bloggers or teachers. If you want to translate some of my texts please contact me so I can also advertise for your blog/website in my network. Do not use the illustrations from my blog which have been made specifically for A Frog in the Fjord, and write my name visibly with a link to my blog. Gracias!

Cosas que ocurren cuando tienes que trabajar en Noruega: diferencias culturales is a Spanish translation of Weird things Norwegians do during work meetings originally published on afroginthefjord.com

¿Es el noruego el lenguaje del amor? is a Spanish translation of Is Norwegian a Language of Love? originally published on afroginthefjord.com

Como ser um imigrante feliz na Noruega is a Portuguese translation of How to be a Happy Immigrant in Norway? originally published on afroginthefjord.com


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