A Frog in the Fjord

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Weird things Norwegians do During Work Meetings

1. Skiing In which other country do you see people coming to work, and therefore to meetings, with their skis on their shoulder? It doesn’t stop there: they will be cheered on their way...

Original illustration by Ole Johnny Hansen for afroginthefjord.com 28

How to differentiate the Norwegian Dialects?

When you start learning Norwegian everything looks nice and simple. 5 million inhabitants in this country you think, it can’t be that hard. You’ll learn the one language here and you will be fine....

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Welcome to my New Website!

Dear readers, I have just moved my blog to a new website. The address is the same afroginthefjord.com but the design and host are my own instead of being wordpress’. For those of you...

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Is Norwegian a Language of Love?

When people tell me “I loooovve French, it’s such a romantic language” it is obvious these people didn’t understand that our conversation was just about going down to the shop to buy a broccoli...

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Does Norway want to adopt Lithuania? (Please, it’s for a friend)

Somehow I imagined Lithuania a bit different. The image I had in my mind was a country full of people queuing in front of stores, and big grey blocks as buildings. Sad people everywhere. And imagine, I went there in January, the darkest month of the year anywhere in Northern Europe.

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Confusing things Norwegians say

Sometimes I have to blink my eyes three times when I hear things that come out of Norwegian people’s mouths. I imagined this dialogue between me and a Norwegian for Norwegian native speakers to...